• It gives me immense pleasure while exchanging my experiences @Edify school. School is coming up in a big way with ultramodern infrastructure’s, good facilities, disciplined teacher’s, best & healthy food arrangement's for students, ....etc.

    School principal, staff’s are really encouraging parents while addressing their doubts about school & it's administration....how does it function in upcoming day's...anyway edify may create International school experience with in B'lore (something amazing!).

    Mr. Srinivas Murthy & Mrs. Vindhya

    Parents of Nayana S Murthy (Grade: IK-1) & Rohini S Murthy (Grade: IK-3)

  • We chose Edify for our son mainly for its promise of a holistic education rather than an academic driven one. At the same time, it promises of sufficient coursework at the right age for helping him meet the academic and professional demands. Schools evaluated by us included Kumarans, and Valley, both which are completely opposite in their way of functioning and academic instruction styles. Edify promises to fall in the middle of this spectrum, which is exactly what we are looking for. We sincerely wish that Edify is able to fulfill its ideals and live up to its tagline of “Think beyond”.

    Mr. Mahesh Subramanian & Mrs.Sripriya

    Parents of Pranay Mahesh

  • 1st School Day was a very memorable day for me. When I entered the hall for a huge surprise,"SHUNIYA DINDA" name itself hides many meanings. This word says about our earth, the world I live in and the only one beautiful life we are gifted with, my eyes were filled with tears of happiness seeing my (both) angles performing for a beautiful cause of saving our world. Hope kids keep this experience for future and help our plant to be a better world to live in.I really thanks one and all who were the back bone of this beautiful event. A real surprise is that normal dance songs did not welcome us. Thank once again to one & all.

    Ms.Meena B.C.

    Parent of Tanishka

  • All well in a good way & no waste of time anywhere. The plans for further operations are good. Annual Day was the fantastic show, the best I had seen. It was so beautifully organised.The message was so strong. No words to express. We all enjoyed the wonderful presentation. Kudos to the Edify Team!As a parent, I learnt a lot from the Edify School. I felt my respect towards mother Earth is increased. All the best for one & all.

    Mr.Pradeep Eshwar

    Parent of Arya Sanjay Pradeep

  • Now I feel safe to continue my Giti with you. It was a nice and fantastic concept used.

    Parent of Gitika Rao

  • "SUNIYADINDA" performance by students and teachers was a surprising theam, shows to parents; they opened a new window to look at our World. My respect towards our Earth has opened a new mirror. I promise myself to show the people the reflection this program has shown me. Thanks to one and all & special thanks to Ms.Niti Mahendra to holding our kids in her arms & showing the World in a different way. All the best to Edify family for all the upcoming works.

    Ms.Meena B.C.

    Parent of Sivani Y.S.K

  • It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of MDN EDIFY Education group Business partner. MDNFS-SULUR is happy with inquiry based learning. 3C CURRICULAM method being unique from the traditional method is helping the students to Regards. be unique from the rest, as it is do and learn method. Facilitators are finding it easy to guide the students. Activity based learning is enhancing the creativity of the child.

    From MDNFS-Sulur Business Partner- P. Baladhandapani.