MDN Edify Coordinator's Training - 'Being an Edify School Mentor'

"A principle is a principle and in no case can it be watered down because of our incapacity to live it in practice. We have to strive to achieve it, and the striving should be conscious, deliberate and hard. " Mark Twain
MDN Edify Education organized a two day workshop 'Being an Edify School Mentor' on 26th and 27th of February at DRS International Hyderabad. The school coordinators of Edify schools across India participated in the program which highlighted the importance of being a mentor and the roles and responsibilities of a coordinator in Edify schools.
The workshop focused on the importance of having a vision . It threw light on the pedagogical leadership practices and assessments. The session on monitoring and mentoring process helped the participants in understanding the different tools and techniques that are used while implementing the same in classrooms. The program also helped to hone the communication and public relations skills of the coordinators. Emphasis was given on team building and time management and how to handle conflicts. These sessions were conducted by eminent personalities in their respective field.
The 2 day workshop concluded successfully and it created a platform for the participants to learn and share their experiences. The training has indeed set a milestone for the participants in implementing their learning in the respective schools.