Aura Edify School, – Champions of the 5th all India School Robotics

All India School Robotics Championship is an event that encourages originality and invention through creative learning. Held at the IIT, Mumbai campus annually, this year saw over 200 teams from across the country participating in the Tele-Mars and Auto-Mars categories. The theme for TRICKS 2012 was 'Mars Exploration Mission'.

The task for Tele-Mars was to build a remote controlled Mars explorer. The teams were expected to build a robust machine which travels through different terrains, was able to pick and place objects, climb inclines and collect samples through the different terrains. The teams were judged by a team of twelve in-house judges – not just on robotics skills but also on presentation, design of the robot and team work.

Six students from Grades 4 and 5 of Aura Edify Global School, Perinthalmanna participated in the Tele-Mars category this year. The "Creators" had team members Abdul Haque, Arshakh Haneen and Faheem A. along with Mr. Josiah Oyibo as their mentor. Fathima Shana, Mohammed Najeeb and Yahya Hasim along with their mentor, Mrs. Sandhya Viswan comprised the team that named themselves the "Thinkers". MM2012RedCreators was the name of the robot that the Creators made. It managed to get through the qualifying round but unfortunately couldn't make it to the finals. The Twin Scooper made by the Thinkers not only made it through the qualifying round but also got a score that ensured their position as one of the six finalist teams.

The finals saw a very calm and composed Najeeb veer their robot through the uneven terrain performing seven out of the eight required tasks within the stipulated time of five minutes. Their only challenge was the sample collection task where the robot collected three samples but couldn't carry them to the destination. After the final run, Fathima Shana, the team leader was confident of their win while the two boys expected a place in the top 3 but not the 1st place.

The champions of the All India Open level Robotics Competition, 2012 have already started planning improvements of their Twin Scooper. They look forward to competing next year with more of their classmates joining in. While Tricks 2012 has not only boosted the confidence of the six students but also inspired them to make more robots and understand the working of machines in general, it has also motivated the spirit of Aura Edify Global School, Perinthalmanna, in their endeavour to nurture digital natives.