The Associate Orientation Program for Promoters of Edify Schools was conducted on the 16th & 17th of January 2016.

The following Promoters attended the Program:

1. Mr. Baladandapani - MDN Future School Sulur

2. Mr. Ashok Gowda - Edify School Electronic City Bangalore

3. Mr. Rohit Bhojwani - Edify School Amravati

4. Mr. Praneeth Penumadu - Edify School Tirupati

5. Mr. Aditya Surana - Edify School Mandsaur

6. Dr. Ravi - Edify School Patna

7. Mr. Pankaj Holkar & Ms. Pragya Bharadwaj - Edify School Dehradun

The two days were very fruitful in terms of the topics covered. Day 1 focused on Academic Orientation & included the Vision, the Organizational Structure, and the Role of the Promoter in the School, Monitoring mechanism, Curriculum Induction, professional development & Affiliation & Quality accreditations. These sessions were aptly handled by Ms. Kavita Jain, CEO MDN Edify Education Pvt. Ltd. & Dr. Gaurav Muradia Principal DRSIS & Country Academic Head MDN Education Pvt. Ltd.

The sessions were interspersed with some very lively games which were linked to the sessions covered and made them more meaningful. The Promoters were given an insight into the significance of their roles and how they could add more value by participating in some very high quality workshops, details of which were given by the two Resource persons.

The relevant videos, presentations & handouts given, kept the participants totally engaged in the sessions & the tasks given to them.

Day 2 focused on the Technology Vision of the School where the relevance of the same was brought out by Mr. Inderjeet Kakkar. The areas of Admissions & Marketing were aptly dealt with by Mr. Praneet Penumadu, Promoter of Edify School Tirupati who gave relevant examples from his School to give more clarity to the topic. The concept of 3 C was dealt in detail by Dr. Gaurav Muradia & Ms. Kavita Jain. The importance of Budgeting and its components were dealt with in detail by Mr. A.K. Agarwal Director of DRIS, whereby the participants gained a lot of insight into the nuances of the Budget.

Overall the Orientation Program was a huge success with a lot of take aways for the Participants in terms of relevant information gained, which would definitely strengthen and equip them in their future endeavors.