MDN Edify Education held the 3rd Annual Associates Meet on the 8th and 9th of November 2014, at Hotel Novotel.

Shri Dayanandji Agarwal the Chairman of DRS Group graced the occasion and shared a few pearls of wisdom in regard to the successful running of a School. He also assured the Promoters of untiring support from the side of Edify for any issue related to the running of any Edify or MDN School.

A lot of issues were discussed and a whole lot of innovations were unveiled during this year’s associates Meet. Some are mentioned below.

The CAO, Mrs Chithralekha Gurumurthy, shared with the promoters the newly prepared Middle School Program which is a blend of the 3C and CBSE syllabus to enable our students to slide smoothly into the CBSE curriculum in the 9th Grade. She also spoke about the School Annual Program and the planning process as well as the process of Affiliation with CBSE.

The AGM Quality, Mr Basha, spoke about the existing as well as new Edify Software’s which are a boon to the School Management as well as the Academics since they are user friendly and contain everything it is that the two departments would require as a report or for downloading be it worksheets or video or The year planner or the calendar of activities for the month. The new and improved Software talked about were- EDICONNECT, EDIPRO, EDICLICK. He also stressed upon the importance of SOPs and Manuals.

From the CEO, Ms Kavitha Jain and the AGM Marketing, Ms Saberi Basu, came the information about the Expat Hiring , the importance of doing so, the benefits, Expat registrations with FRRO’s and the challenges faced and their solutions.

The GM Marketing, Mr Nirav Shah discussed about revenue generation, Marketing Strategies, school enrollment targets and budget recommendations. He also discussed about the advertisement campaign which he proposed be divided into three types- the ones for new schools, for schools less than three years old and the three years plus schools.

The DGM Ops, Mr Piyush Dhiman, talked about cost control in the running of a school, Internal Customer satisfaction as well as External Customer satisfaction.

The IT Manager Mr Raman, introduced to the promoters the new Mobile App which once downloaded by the parents on their smart phone enabled them to check their childs reports, assignments, fees due and many other things.

Mr AK Agarwal encouraged the Promoters to speak about their concerns as well as any new ideas they would like to share in the forum. Some ideas that were adopted were the building of a girls toilet in and adopted local school as well as the adopting of a village to ensure cleanliness on the lines of the Swachh Bharat scheme. The Promoters were very enthusiastic about the Inter School events held across the Edify Schools during the academic year, and also expressed their requirement for more visits to their schools from members of the HO.